Carla Nudel

About me

I'm an Argentinian journalist and media innovator based in NYC. After moving to the US to pursue Studio 20's Journalism MA Program with a Fulbright scholarship in 2021, I'm now working at The New Republic Magazine as a Product Manager.

I have 7 years of experience working on digital strategy, user research, and digital tools training at organizations like National Geographic, Google, News Product Alliance, Radio Mitre, and Chicas Poderosas. My goal is to keep working on innovative and challenging products that drive a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future for journalism. 

What I´ve worked on so far

Product Research

National Geographic

My internship with the National Geographic Society's User Experience Team was a pivotal learning experience, emphasizing the importance of audience understanding in journalism. Tasked with improving the web experience for the international audience of grant seekers, I conducted interviews, testing, and content analysis. Collaborating across teams, I led a productive ideation session, resulting in a redesigned prototype for the grants page. I presented a set of recommendations to both Digital and Grants teams, contributing to the optimization of their functions and enhancing the overall user experience.

News Product Alliance (NPA)

As part of my NYU Studio 20 capstone project, I initiated an audience research endeavor to enhance support for the global community of product thinkers within the News Product Alliance (NPA). Following 13 interviews and a comprehensive survey, I presented my findings to the NPA staff, concluded with a public presentation at NYU, and authored an article detailing key insights into the primary challenges within the audience research field.

Digital Strategy

Delving into creative audience connections began with my bachelor's thesis on digital media engagement. I later led a Digital Content team at Radio Mitre, Argentina's largest station, for three years. In that role, I crafted multimedia content and spearheaded audience engagement strategies for notable journalists, reaching hundreds of thousands of users monthly.

Digital Skills Training

In both traditional media and non-profit organizations, I have always been enthusiastic about discovering innovative ways to share knowledge with others. As a Google News Lab Teaching Fellow, I facilitated training on a wide range of tools, digital storytelling skills, and topics such as Trust and Verification or Data Journalism, reaching over 61,000 journalists across Latin America. 

Project Management

In my role as a Chicas Poderosas Ambassador in Argentina, I led collaborative efforts in multidisciplinary projects, which proved essential for fostering innovation. My interest in this approach took root when I organized and coordinated 'Los Derechos No Se Aíslan,' an award-winning multimedia investigation on access to sexual and reproductive rights. 


Communicating Audience Research: Bridging the gap within and beyond your organization

As part of the 2023 NPA Summit, alongside Aldana Vales and Stephanie Ho, we facilitated a workshop delving into best practices for communicating audience research, providing product recommendations grounded in audience insights, and extending the sharing of lessons learned beyond the organization. Here's a recap of the most crucial tips.

Running Impactful Community Surveys

As a result of my experiences as an audience researcher, I've penned a blueprint article for the News Product Alliance. This article outlines seven steps, detailing best practices for conducting an impactful community survey. It also provides readers with templates and links to useful resources.

Washington Post Opinión (in Spanish): "Pending challenges after legal abortion in Argentina"

A few months after the publication of our nationwide investigation, 'Los Derechos no Se Aíslan,' Nicole Martin, Belén Arce Terceros, and I collaborated on a column for the Spanish Opinion section of the Washington Post. In the column, we discussed the primary challenges faced by Argentinian women and LGBTQI+ individuals following the approval of the Safe, Free, and Legal Abortion Bill.

Ijnet: "6 must-know hacks for investigative journalists"

"After organizing the Taller Poderoso workshop with Chicas Poderosas Argentina, Nicole Martin and I authored a column for IjNet. We shared practical tips for investigative journalists to find information online, including search operators and verification techniques. These insights were later presented in workshops across 16 Latin American countries. The story is available in Spanish and French and was featured on"