Both in traditional media outlets and non-profit organizations, I've always been enthusiastic about finding new ways to share knowledge with others so a to do better journalism. Here's a summary of my experience in digital skills training.

Google News Lab

In the framework of the Google News Initiative, for 15 months I organized and facilitated both in-person and virtual workshops on a range of digital tools to help newsrooms search, verify and visualize stories, reaching +61,000 journalists across Latin America and Spain.

GNI Live Trainings

This is a recap of the free and open training sessions given for journalists from Spanish-speaking countries I gave via YouTube during the pandemic, many of them with my colleagues Juan Manuel Lucero, Mariana Alvarado, and Pablo Sanguinetti.


Use of reverse image search, InVid and other free tools to fight online misinformation (Grow with Google, April 2020)

Advanced Search

How to use search operators to refine our online investigations and other tools for finding and monitoring reputable sources.

Data Visualization

Use of Flourish, Google Data Explorer, and Data GIF Maker for visualizing information.


How to use Pinpoint, the new tool that uses AI to allow investigative journalists to scan, analyze and find hidden stories in large collections of documents.

Essential Collaborative Tools

How to take full advantage of tools like Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar for collaborative work in the newsroom.

Essential Collaborative Tools (Part 2)

The second session on Google collaborative tools, with focus on how to create shared and public Calendars, take notes on Google Keep and brainstorm using Jamboard.

Google Spreadsheets for Journalists

Use of Google Spreadsheets to scrape, order, analyze and share data in the newsroom.

Data & Machine Learning

Introduction to machine learning with a practical approach for journalists, including a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a model using Cloud for free.

Environmental Journalism

How to use tools like Google Earth, Timelapse, and Global Forest Watch to cover environmental issues.


How to create, produce, distribute and analyze an audio-based multimedia product.

Elections Coverage

Tools to find, analyze and visualize information safely while covering elections.

Google Earth & Earth Studio

How to create videos and 3D virtual tours using Earth Studio satellite imagery.

Argentinian Journalism Forum (FOPEA) Training Network Manager

In the first semester of 2021, I designed and managed a training program for journalists within the framework of the FOPEA Training Network supported by the Google News Initiative. This included planning the logistics, developing content, moderating sessions, and coordinating the work of 8 trainers who gave 15 open workshops on topics like Investigative Journalism, Trust and Verification and Data Visualizations, reaching +3200 journalists and students from the 24 Argentinian provinces in just four months.

Training Events for Women and LGTBQI+ People

Talleres Poderosos in partnership with US Embassy

As Ambassador of the Chicas Poderosas Argentinian community and leader of its Training Area, I designed and managed a training program that reached +400 women and LGTBQI+ people, with the aim to give them opportunities to grow in their careers in media. With the support of the US Embassy, the Talleres Poderosos project included 3 online workshops on Investigative Journalism, Data Visualization and Audio Storytelling given by experts in the area: Mariana Alvarado, Tea Alberti, and both Catalina May and Martín Cruz from Las Raras Podcast.

#Talleres Poderosos: Workshops on Podcast Production and Sustainability in Media

In October 2019 I contributed to organizing the first #TalleresPoderosos event, a session of two free and open thematic workshops given at OLX headquarters in Buenos Aires. The training was given by specialists in both podcast production and media sustainability, reaching more than 30 women and LGTBQI+ journalists and media professionals.

Digital Tools for Investigative Journalism: Workshop at Google

In March 2020 with my fellow Chicas Poderosas Ambassador, Nicole Martin, we organized an open workshop targeted to women and LGTBQI+ feminist journalists. In this three-hour session held at the Google headquarters in Buenos Aires, we shared useful tools for doing investigative journalism that we later summarized in our column for IjNet. These tools we shared were also taught by other Ambassadors in subsequent Chicas Poderosas events in 17 different countries.

Talks, Events & Conferences

Media Party 2022

In August 2022, along with my colleague and Studio 20 alum Aldana Vales, we gave an open in-person workshop on how to do audience research or UX research in media. After sharing some examples and useful tips on interviewing, testing, synthesizing and reporting results, participants did a hands-on activity to understand the needs of Media Party's attendees.

Media Party 2020

In September 2020 I gave an open online workshop on how to create virtual immersive videos using Google Earth Studio at the Hacks Hackers Media Party, an international media innovation conference.

FOPEA's 9th National Digital Journalism Congress (2020)

In August 2021 I gave an online workshop on how to create podcasts in the framework of the yearly FOPEA National Journalism Congress, preceded by a talk by academics and specialists in the area.

FOPEA's 15th International Journalism Congress (2020)

In November 2020 I gave an open talk at FOPEA's yearly International Journalism Conference on Pinpoint, a free tool for doing Investigative Journalism.

Data Journalism Master Class with Sandra Crucianelli

In July 2021, I planned, coordinated and moderated an open Master Class on Data Journalism given by Sandra Crucianelli, an award-winning Argentinian investigative journalist. In the framework of the FOPEA Training Network, the virtual session gathered more than 200 journalists, students, and media professionals from all across the country.

Training the Trainers: Leadership Summit for Ambassadors

In July 2020 I gave an online training session for the Ambassadors of the Chicas Poderosas chapters on how to teach digital investigative tools to their local communities, reaching +30 women from 17 countries including Latin America, Spain, Portugal and the US.