Project Management

In my experience, horizontal leadership has been one of the keys to driving innovation in media. This is a recap of what I've done so far related to collaborative project management.

Los Derechos No Se Aíslan

In 2020 I ideated, planned, and coordinated Los Derechos No Se Aíslan, a nationwide investigation that showed how LGTBQI+ people accessed their sexual and reproductive rights during the pandemic, carried out by a collaborative team of +45 journalists and professionals from all around the country. Our work was featured in more than 100 media outlets across the region, mentioned at the National Congress during the debate on the Safe, Free, and Legal Abortion Bill passed on December 30th, 2020, praised by the Province of Córdoba's Legislature and received two honorable mentions at the renowned journalism awards given by Fundación Gabo and the National Journalistic Entities Association (ADEPA).

In the framework of the Studio 20: Digital First master’s program at New York University directed by Jay Rosen, I coordinated our class collaborative project, a website that features examples of media outlets and journalists that are building trust by being straightforward on where their views come from.

Our work published in December 2021 was praised by media professionals, journalism teachers, analysts, and transparency enthusiasts all across the US.

First Mediathon in Latin America

As a volunteer for Chicas Poderosas, in July 2019 I helped organize an event where a hundred female journalists, designers, coders, and media professionals from different parts of the country gathered to create journalistic projects on social issues underrepresented in traditional media. After two days of workshops followed by one month of collaborative work with mentors, 13 stories were published in local, national, and regional media outlets. Inspired by this experience led by the Argentinian Chicas Poderosas community, other chapters like Mexico and Colombia held similar events in the subsequent months, which were presented at the 2020 Online News Association Conference (ONA20).

Talks and Conferences


In October 2020 I participated as a moderator at the Online News Association (ONA) Annual Conference. With María Belén Arce Terceros and Gia Castello ( colleagues from Chicas Poderosas), we shared lessons and challenges from our work organizing Mediathons in Latin America.

Campus Party

In July 2021 I gave an open talk on Tools for Collaborative Remote Work with my colleague, Nicole Martin. The virtual workshop took place at Campus Party 2021, a yearly conference that gathers hundreds of professionals from across the region to talk about digital innovation.


Incubadora de Liderazgo

In July 2021 I was mentor and trainer at the Leadership Incubator held by Chicas Poderosas with the support of Google News Initiative, where we shared with 25 Latin American media outlets how important it is to promote effective team dynamics, collaboration, and diversity to help journalists drive innovation in the newsroom.

¿Y A Vos Quién Te Cuidó?

During the Mediathon I helped organize in 2019 (see Collaborative Project Management section), I mentored the work of a multidisciplinary team of women journalists, communicators, coders, and designers who produced a video special on the feminization of care work published at Revista Late and afterward shared by other national, local and regional media outlets.