Digital Strategy

Radio Mitre

From 2016 to 2019, I spearheaded an editorial team responsible for crafting multimedia stories at Radio Mitre, Argentina’s largest radio station. My role included overseeing content creation for 8 journalistic verticals, establishing cross-functional workflows, and devising multimedia engagement strategies for various brands. These efforts successfully reached hundreds of thousands of unique users nationwide.

Marcelo Longobardi

In my role at Radio Mitre, I collaborated with Marcelo Longobardi, the former host of the country's most popular radio program, to develop a comprehensive multimedia strategy aimed at engaging his online audience. This involved managing his Twitter account with over half a million followers, establishing and growing Instagram and Facebook accounts, each accumulating more than a hundred thousand followers, leading the redesign of his website, and personally overseeing the production and editing of various multimedia content, including daily branded editorial videos. These efforts successfully reached hundreds of thousands of unique users on different platforms every month.

Jorge Fernández Díaz 

Jorge Fernández Díaz is a distinguished journalist, columnist, and best-selling author. In my role at Radio Mitre, I oversaw his digital strategy and the creation of exclusive multimedia content to connect with his online audience. Working collaboratively with my team, we established and supported the management of all his social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), successfully reaching hundreds of thousands of unique users every month.

Cristina Pérez

Cristina Perez is a highly regarded journalist, writer, and TV host. During my tenure at Radio Mitre, I collaborated with her to establish her website and develop a digital branding strategy centered around the slogan "The stories behind the news." Together with Cristina and my team, we crafted a digital audience engagement strategy, publishing multimedia stories that resonated with tens of thousands of monthly unique users.

Pablo Rossi

Since his arrival at the station in January 2017, I collaborated with Pablo Rossi to develop his website and digital strategy. This included the creation of a weekly exclusive editorial video titled "La Clave de la Semana" or "Highlight of the Week," which gained viral popularity on social media and WhatsApp multiple times.

Marcelo Bonelli

In my role at Radio Mitre, I collaborated with Marcelo Bonelli's editorial team to revamp his website and enhance the digital strategy. This involved showcasing his contributions in radio and TV, alongside exclusive content, with the aim of fostering deeper engagement with his digital audience.

Laura Di Marco

In my capacity at Radio Mitre, I collaborated with journalist Laura Di Marco on her personal branding and online editorial strategy. This involved producing exclusive content and editing audiovisual columns that consistently gained viral traction on social media.

Tato Young

Collaborating with my team and journalist Tato Young, we embarked on producing a new weekly digital segment via Facebook Live. In this segment, he delved into the most notable issues of the week, presenting visuals on the screen while simultaneously reading users' comments live.

Mitre y el Campo

During my tenure at Radio Mitre, I revamped the digital strategy for the rural vertical, "Mitre y el Campo." This involved the daily production of stories for the site, managing social media, planning and coordinating branded audiovisual specials, and re-categorizing stories to optimize content for search engines.

NYU Studio 20 Journalism Program

Drill Down: A deep dive into NYC drill culture

Created by NYU Studio 20, Drill Down delves into drill rap, an evolving hip-hop subgenre, and its significance within the Black community in New York City. Prompted by Mayor Eric Adams' assertion that the genre contributes to violence, we aimed to gain a profound insight into drill's relationship with its creators. The project provides an immersive experience through stories presented in varied formats, such as short documentary videos, integrated audio, and photo reels.

The Intercept  

In collaboration with my NYU Studio 20 classmates, we explored using TikTok for high-quality journalism. Partnering with The Intercept during the Spring 2022 semester, we provided personalized training for reporters and created a guide for both the outlet and the public interested in TikTok journalism. As a result, The Intercept officially launched its TikTok account, presented at ONA in September 2022.

Fulbrighters' Line

As part of my NYU Studio 20 Program's audience-centric journalism course, I conducted a project exploring Subtext as a platform to serve and engage the community of Fulbright students in New York City. 

Publications and Conferences


At the Center for Media and Society (MESO)'s Annual Conference at Universidad de San Andrés in October 2016, I presented my bachelor's thesis to the academic community and media professionals. The thesis focused on examining how Argentinian radio stations were engaging with their online audiences.

Radio Trend Topic Podcast

In 2017, I was interviewed on the Radio Trend Topic podcast, a platform dedicated to exploring radio's adaptation to digital disruption through discussions with specialists, teachers, researchers, and media professionals in the field of radiophonic media.

Newsgeist 2018

In May 2018, I had the honor of participating in Newsgeist, an international "un-conference" that brought together media professionals from various countries for open and collaborative discussions about the future of news.