Audience Engagement

Radio Mitre

From 2016 to 2019, I led an editorial team in charge of producing multimedia stories at Radio Mitre, Argentina’s largest radio station. This involved designing and managing the content for 8 journalistic verticals, developing cross-functional workflows, and creating audience engagement multimedia strategies for different brands that reached hundreds of thousands of unique users from all across the country.

Marcelo Longobardi

As part of my role at Radio Mitre, I worked with Marcelo Longobardi (former host of the most popular radio program in the country) to build a multimedia strategy with the aim to engage his listeners online. This involved managing his over half-million follower Twitter account, creating both Instagram and Facebook accounts that now have more than a hundred thousand followers each, leading his website's re-design, and also both producing and editing multimedia content (such as daily branded editorial videos), reaching hundreds of thousands of monthly unique users on different platforms.

Jorge Fernández Díaz

Jorge Fernández Díaz is a renowned journalist, columnist and best-selling author. As part of my work in Radio Mitre, I coordinated his digital strategy and the production of exclusive multimedia content to engage his online audience. Along with my team, we created and helped him manage all his social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), reaching hundreds of thousands of monthly unique users.

Cristina Pérez

Cristina Perez is a widely known journalist, writer and TV host. As part of my work in Radio Mitre, I worked with her to create her personal website and digital branding strategy with the slogan "The stories behind the news". Along with Cristina and my team, we co-created her digital audience engagement strategy by publishing multimedia stories that reached tens of thousands of monthly unique users.

Pablo Rossi

After him joining the station in January 2017, I worked with Pablo Rossi in creating his website and digital strategy, including a weekly exclusive editorial video that went viral on social media and Whatsapp many times called "La Clave the la Semana" or "Highlight of the Week".

Marcelo Bonelli

As part of my work in Radio Mitre, I worked with Marcelo Bonelli's editorial team to redesign his website and digital strategy, featuring his work in radio and TV as well as exclusive content so as to better engage his digital audiences.

Laura Di Marco

As part of my work in Radio Mitre, I worked with journalist Laura Di Marco on her personal branding and online editorial strategy. This included the production of exclusive content and the edition of audiovisual columns that repeatedly went viral on social media.

Tato Young

With my team and journalist Tato Young we worked on the production of a new weekly digital segment via Facebook Live, where he discussed the most salient issues of the week presenting pictures on the screen while reading users' comments live.

Mitre y el Campo

As part of my work in Radio Mitre, I redesigned the digital strategy of the rural vertical called "Mitre y el Campo". This included the daily production of stories for the site, social media management, the planning and coordination of branded audiovisual specials, and a re-categorization of stories to optimize content for search engines.

NYU Studio 20 Journalism Program

Drill Down: A deep dive into NYC drill culture

Produced by NYU Studio 20, Drill Down explores drill rap, a growing hip-hop subgenre, and the role it plays in the Black community in New York City. After Mayor Eric Adams' claim that the genre perpetuates violence, we sought a deeper understanding of drill's connection to the people who create it. The project offers an immersive experience through stories showcased in mixed formats including short documentary videos, integrated audio and photo reels.

The Intercept

Can TikTok be used for producing high-quality journalism? Although the general impression seems to be that it's just a platform where people dance on catchy beats, along with my NYU Studio 20 classmates we felt it was worth exploring. This is why during the Spring 2022 semester we partnered with The Intercept to develop strategies to help it deliver its journalism to new, younger audiences.

Our project included giving training personalized sessions with The Intercept's, reporters to help them create their own videos as well as developing a guide for the outlet and for the general public interested in exploring TikTok to do journalism.

The results of the project led to The Intercept launching its official account, presented at ONA in September 2022.

Fulbrighters' Line

As part of my audience-centric journalism course at NYU Studio 20 Program, I carried out a project that explored Subtext as a platform to serve and engage the community of Fulbright students in New York City.

Publications and Conferences


At the Center of Media and Society (MESO)'s Annual Conference held at Universidad de San Andrés in October 2016, I presented among the academic community and media professionals my bachelor's thesis on how Argentinian radio stations were engaging with their online audiences.

Radio Trend Topic Podcast

In 2017 I was interviewed at Radio Trend Topic podcast, a space to discuss radio's adaptation to digital disruption with the analysis of specialists, teachers, researchers and media professionals from the radiophonic world.

Newsgeist 2018

In May 2018 I was invited to take part at Newsgeist, an international conference (or, better said "un-conference") where many media professionals from different countries gather to horizontally talk about the future of news.